Silicon bronze is an alloy made of copper in majority and some percentage of Silicon and other alloys such as manganese, tin, iron, or zinc. Silicon Bronze is known for its easy pouring ability, appealing surface finish and superior corrosion resistant properties, even when submerged in liquids and chemicals. Silicon Bronze was originally developed for the chemical industry but later expanded due to its good casting characteristics.
The Silicon Bronze is used in Sculpture, Pole line hardware, motors, rotor bar, Clamps, hinges, bolts, burrs, screws, cotter pins, nails, nuts, rivets , Shafting, butts, oil refinery plumbing tube, wear plates, welded pressure vessels, welded tanks, pressure vessels, doctor blades, paper industry, screen plates, tanks, screen cloth, piston rings, kettles, heat exchanger tubes, chemical equipment, channels, cable, bushings, bearing plates, hydraulic pressure lines, wire , Hardware, propeller shafts.



Copper Alloys Cu Sn Pb Zn Fe Ni P Al Mn Si Sb S Bi
C87300 94 Min - 0.2 0.25 0.2 - - - 0.8-1.5 3.5-4.5 - - -
C65500 Rem - 0.05 1.5 0.8 0.6 - - 0.5-1.3 2.8-3.8 - - -
C65100 Rem - 0.05 1.5 0.8 - - - 0.7 0.80-2 - - -